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​​Actuary or Analyst

What makes a great actuary?

  • Detail oriented
  • Strong math, statistical and analytical skills
  • Enjoys statistical challenges and probability

Both U.S. News & World Report and The.Actuary magazine agree that being an actuary is one of the best jobs you can get. Actuaries mathematically determine the probability an event will occur using statistics and other information, so keen math and analytical skills are a must. Actuarial science is an important part of determining cost of insurance and sets the terms and conditions of an insurance policy, including premium costs.

Being an ActuaryCourtesy of I.I.I.

In addition, according to an article by CNN Money, actuaries have jobs in hand before graduating, making their unemployment rate 0%. How’s that for job security?


Bachelor’s Degree

Actuaries also need to pass a series of exams through the Casualty Actuarial Society. Many students begin taking these exams while still in college to get a jumpstart on their future career.


Based on U.S. Department of Labor the average actuary makes over $100,000 annually.  Of course this varies by where you live, your work experience and how much passion you bring to your job!