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Course Materials

This area is for students enrolled in the Invest program.

Sign in using your school name and the last name of your Invest teacher so you can view the interactive e-Book, chapter quizzes, videos, and games that are part of the Invest program.

e-Book Chapters

This chapter provides the foundation for the students study of insurance and risk management. The terms used in insurance may be unfamiliar to you; so many resources are available to help you to understand the vocabulary of insurance. Many of the key terms in this chapter carry through the rest of the textbook.

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The focus of this chapter is on risk and risk management. The following chapters discuss insurance as one of the methods to deal with risk, specifically in the area of automobiles. It is important that students recognize that risk exists in their daily life, and it is how they deal with or treat those risks that determines whether or not they will face financial ruin. The material in this chapter may be difficult for the student to understand. Be prepared to spend some time giving additional examples or having the students do additional study on risk management terms.

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This chapter deals with some basic business concepts: marketing and selling. Although much of the material is common to any business, it is important for you to understand that selling insurance is not like selling other types of products such as houses, cars or electronic equipment. Most insurance professionals take very seriously their responsibility to help rebuild people’s lives following a loss.

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​The chapter begins with a discussion of some basics of business planning. These concepts are applicable to any type of business. This can be the starting point of your office simulation, since it involves preparing a business plan, developing marketing and sales strategies, and working with budgets. The chapter provides some information about basic agency procedures.  The final section of the chapter deals with various job functions in an agency.

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​One of the major objectives of Invest is to show you career options you may not have otherwise considered. The financial services industry, of which insurance is a large part, offers many opportunities to bright, eager students who wish to continue their learning. Rather than seeking a specific student profile, the industry needs students with a variety of skills, talents, abilities and commitments. This means that there is literally something for almost everyone.  For a student who possesses the necessary aptitude for sales, sales can be a very rewarding career. Other interests, such as a desire to serve, a penchant for mathematics or foreign language skills, also offer many different career paths. A first step in determining what career you should pursue is determining what you are interested in. 

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​This chapter discusses the specifics associated with providing automobile insurance to individuals and families. 

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​This chapter discusses the most common insurance policy: the personal auto policy (PAP).

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​In this chapter we will discuss the specifics of how insurance premiums are developed for a particular individual.  It is the underwriter’s job to evaluate the risk presented by an applicant for insurance, determine the appropriate premium to charge based on that risk and decide which coverages and endorsements will be provided. While actuaries, and not underwriters, are responsible for developing rates based on statistics, underwriters still perform a very vital role in determining final premiums.

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This chapter introduces the property coverage provided by homeowners and renters policies. We have split the material into two chapters, focusing only on coverage for the home, other detached structures located on the insured location, and the personal property of the insured.

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​Unlike property exposures, where the insured usually knows the ultimate amount of any loss, liability losses have no upper limit. Section II of the homeowners policy provides coverage for insured locations and the activities of the policyholder that take place off the premises.

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​This chapter provides an overview of the Businessowners Policy (BOP). It was developed by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) to insure the small to medium size business market (commonly referred to as “main street” type businesses).

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In addition to the tremendous emotional impact of a death on the decease’s family, death can bring with it devastating financial consequences. Life insurance is designed to mitigate some of the financial void created by a death. Equally devastating is illness, which not only results in lost income, but also additional expenses. Health and disability insurance are a means to alleviate this financial impairment.

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Risk and Probability Game (Dice Game)  

Play this online game to learn what risk and probability is and understand the importance of auto insurance. It's a fun way to learn.

Play Risk and Probablity Game

Personal Insurance Rating Tool

Provided by EZLynx

The online rating tool, EZLynx, allows you to learn what factors are involved in rating automobile and homeowner policies. EZLynx enables you to enter information once into a single interface and receive simulated rates directly from participating carriers.

How to Begin

Proceed to the EZLynx website and log-in with the User ID and Password provided by your teacher. Once you are in the system, click the second icon on left side bar (looks like folder with person on it) and you can create an applicant record for quoting and search applicants from previous quotes.

Commercial Insurance Rating Tool

The Commercial Lines Rating Simulation tool was created to illustrate some of the risk factors in rating insurance for a business. The rates are fictional and should not be used as a basis for comparing actual insurance premiums.

Before you start, we suggest you collect information about the business. Ask your teacher for the Insurance Application Forms to gather necessary information.

Commercial Lines Rating Tool

Career Tool

How to Create Your Own LinkedIn Page

Maybe you are already familiar with LinkedIn  or you have heard classmates at school mention it as they prepare for college or start to look for a new job. Put simply, LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. It's like Facebook for your career. Take a look at this presentation if you are ready to create or develop your own LinkedIn profile page.

LinkedIn Logo