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Conduct an Internship

Staffing continues to be a major challenge for independent insurance agencies and companies. Managers regularly point to the difficulty in finding qualified, motivated employees and to their struggle in drawing those talents to an industry not necessarily known as sexy or exciting. When they do find the "right" person, they spend significant time and money training those new employees, only to have to repeat the process when things do not work out.

You can break this disappointing cycle through the strategic use of interns. A quality internship program will enable you to attract bright and ambitious young people and identify those you want to keep for the long term without making a large investment.

These internship guides will discuss the important elements of internships, specific tasks within an agency for an intern, guidelines for students and provide you with a framework for developing your own intern program.

If your intern would like to access the Invest eBook,  an introductory course on the world of insurance, complete the form below.

 Internship Guides

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