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Colleges & Training

​There are many careers available within the insurance industry for a wide variety of educational backgrounds and skill sets, in addition to training opportunities that do not include college education:


If college isn’t for you, or you’ve already completed your college education, you can obtain training in a variety of areas to enter insurance careers. Training opportunities include insurance licensing training classes, professional designations in the insurance industry or resources to sit for your insurance licensing exam. Visit the Classroom to Career page to learn more and enroll in training opportunities in your area.  


There are over 100 colleges in the United States that offer either a two or four year degree option to study insurance, risk management or actuarial science to prepare you to land an insurance career after graduation. Visit the College Program page to find a college near you.


Don’t forget, if you’re an Invest student or Invest graduate, you are eligible for scholarship dollars to help with your training and/or college expenses. Visit the Scholarship page for more information and to apply.