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Forms and Tools

 Insurance Application Forms

Commercial Insurance Rating Tool

The Commercial Lines Rating Simulation tool was created to illustrate some of the risk factors in rating insurance for a business. The rates are fictional and should not be used as a basis for comparing actual insurance premiums.

Before you start, we suggest you collect information about the business. Have your students use the Insurance Application Forms to gather necessary information. They are located above on this same page. There are also instructions for Agency Simulation. Combining both Personal Insurance Rating Tool and the Commercial Insurance Rating Tool will enable your students to sell mock auto, home, business and WC policies.

The Commercial Lines Rating Tool is located here. To access the rating software have students visit the course materials page.


Personal Insurance Rating Tool

Provided by EZLynx

The online rating tool, EZLynx, allows teachers and agent liaisons to show students what factors are involved in rating automobile and homeowner policies. EZLynx enables students to enter information once into a single interface and receive simulated rates directly from participating carriers.

If you are interested in using the web based insurance rating software, follow these step by step instructions on how to navigate and use it correctly. First step is to set up the school and each user or student up in the system using the administration instructions below:

  1. Go to website EZLynx and log-in as an administrator using User ID: inv_invest and Password: InVEST2019 (case sensitive). *Check back if you're having a login problem. Password is subject to change. Three failed login attempts requires a "reset" for a new password.
  2. On left icon tool bar - Click on the 'eye' icon for the Internal Admin tab.
  3. Click on Organizations.
  4. Now add your school as an organization. On the bottom of the screen, click Add New
  5. Complete all required information next to the red arrow buttons: name of school, address, city, state. Also make sure you change status to ENABLE and hit SAVE
  6. Click on the States tab (top of organization) to proceed to next screen. Click on modify and then click the states you wish to do quotes in.
  7. Now add your students. Make sure you are under your organization and click tab users on the top of the screen. You must do these steps for every user/student.
    • Click ADD NEW
    • Parent Organization should be the name of your school
    • Change Status to ENABLE and enter each students name and email. You must enter an email for the user i.d. and password to be emailed to access the rating tool. You can use the same email address for multiple students e.g. teachers email.
    • When you are done, hit SAVE
    • Then when on the same user/student click Send Log-in Info
    • Then when on the same user/student click Carrier Assignment tab and then hit select all.

Now students are ready to begin. To start quoting go to the Student section of the InVEST website under Course Materials. The student needs to log into the Invest website by selecting their state, school and entering teacher last name.  This is the area they access the eBook, online games and the Personal Insurance Rating tool.  They should use the User ID and Password emailed to the email address you provided to access the rating tool. Once they are in the system, click the second icon on left side bar (looks like folder with person on it) and they can create an applicant record for quoting and search applicants from previous quotes.