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Get Involved Today

Get Involved Today

We need more talent is a need echoed across the country by many in the insurance industry, but not everyone is listening. There is considerable room for growth with the Invest program nationally but we need your help!

You can get involved by volunteering in the classroom, offering an internship or contributing financially. If your school district or city doesn't have an Invest program, take the first step and find out how you can help get one started. 

Join us each month for live discussions with our national Invest team customized to help drive success within your current or future Invest program!

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Invest 101

Invest is a non-profit insurance program providing FREE insurance curriculum for educators in high schools, community colleges and workforce development programs. Connect with our Invest team to learn more about it and how you can get started as a volunteer!

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Launch a New Program

Connect with our Invest team to learn what it takes to get a new Invest Program started. Know of other people also looking to get one started? Invite them to join us!

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How to Teach Invest

Meet and touch base with other Invest Teachers around the country. Share your questions and ideas and also give us feedback on how we can better support your Invest Program!

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Push Your Program Forward

Get the support, guidance and solutions you need to troubleshoot possible challenges and take your Invest Program to new heights!

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Here are answers to commonly asked questions about starting an Invest program.
Invest is very flexible and can accommodate any length class or timeline. While some programs are only two weeks for 60 minutes a day, other schools teach Invest for the entire school year. Our staff can help you determine how to incorporate the textbook, lesson plans and resources to best fit your needs. [more]
Invest can accommodate any length class or timeline. While some programs are only two weeks for 60 minutes a day, other schools teach Invest for six weeks or an entire school year. [more]
Our high school program is best for 11th and 12th graders. We also have a college program for institutions interested in providing an insurance certificate or degree program. [more]
Our program is free for schools, but insurance professionals who volunteer in the classroom can also use the materials at no cost. [more]
We provide resources free through generous donations from insurance carriers, agencies and other organizations. Invest is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and all donations are 100% tax deductible. [more]
Invest has a variety of free resources to fit any teaching style or set-up. Textbooks (both hard copy and eBook), lesson plans, presentations, games, online activities, group activities, insurance rating software, videos and personality profiles for insurance careers are available to registered teachers. [more]
If you’re interested in having local insurance professionals as guests, Invest can identify insurance agents and/or carrier representatives to speak to students on a variety of topics. In some areas, we’re able to organize multiple guest speakers each semester. [more]
Once you decide to use the classroom materials, you receive an email with a user I-D and password to access the website resources. Getting started is easy. We look forward to working with you. Email us with any follow-up questions. [more]

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