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How You Can Help

Baby boomers, a major segment of the country’s population, are quickly approaching their retirement years and predictions are that the U.S. insurance industry, which employs more than 2.3 million people, may lose more than 50% of its existing workforce in the next 10 to 15 years. With such a mass exodus, the remaining 50% of the industry is wondering — where will new talent come from?

The answer is simple, but it will be a challenge. The next crop of insurance professionals will be picked from the millennial generation — with the help of programs like Invest.

The call-to-action is echoed across the country by many in the industry, but not everyone is listening. There is considerable room for the growth in Invest nationally and insurance professionals of all ages need to do their part to ensure a solid future for the industry that has given them their livelihood.

There are thousands of Invest graduates in the workforce today and InVest aims to continue fueling insurance industry demand for talent by building grassroots programs throughout the United States — but that will require help.  

You can get involved by volunteering in the classroom, offering an internship or contributing financially.  If your city or school district is without an Invest program, take the first step and find out more information by contacting Invest.

Today, the Invest Program, administered by a national staff based in Alexandria, VA, has a ‘big tent’ mentality towards any individual or organization with an interest in improving student insurance literacy or insurance workforce development.