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Our Supporters

 VALEDICTORIAN • $15,000 & above

 SALUTATORIAN • $7,500 TO $14,999

 HONOR ROLL • $2,500 TO $7,499


The Bob Baxter Honorary Scholarship
The Randy Roth Applied Memorial Scholarship


Christopher Glass
Cindy Hower
Cindy Jackman
Clarissa Preston
Claudia McClain
Connie Rose
Dana Ramundt
David and Barbara Walker
David and Lisa Boedker
David Hale
Dean Merrill
Deborah Pickford
Jeff and Lauren Yates
Jill Francis and Family
Larry Pistell
Lindsey Shank
Martin Grant Associates
Neal Montgomery
Quincy Branch
Rick and Heather Dinger
Ryan Teubner
Sharon Koches
Spencer and Carol Houldin
Therese Johnson
Tom and Heather Minkler
Vaughn and Candace Graham