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College Bound

Who can apply?

High school seniors who are currently participating in or have completed the Invest program.

What does it cover?

If you plan to use the funds to pursue a two or four year college degree, this scholarship is right for you. Applicants must be Invest graduates pursuing a degree with an emphasis on insurance, risk management, actuarial science or business with the intent of pursuing an insurance related career after graduation.

How do I apply?

  • The application is online, but you need to prepare a few things in advance.

    What should I prepare?

  • If you are under the age of 18, have your parents complete the Parent/Guardian release
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, or mentor.  Invest teachers and volunteers are preferred.  Recommendation letter MUST be signed.
  • Answer a question from an insurance case study provided (as a link) in the application.
  • Write a 500-word essay detailing the following:
    • The benefits of having participated in Invest 
    • Your plans for further education and how these plans were influenced by Invest 
    • Other activities that demonstrate your interests and abilities like academic honor societies, sports, extracurricular activities, internships or after-school jobs.
  • A copy of a current school transcript which includes grade point average to date
  • A photograph (an original class picture preferred)

Entries are judged on creativity, content, format, grammar, spelling and punctuation – and DEADLINE to apply is March, 2021.
All entries become the property of Invest.

To apply, use your regular email address(not a school email) that you check regularly and have access to after you graduate.


Helpful Tips:

  • Draft and edit your essay in a word document and then copy and paste it into the online application form. The online form does not have spell check or other editing features.
  • Save your recommendation letter on the computer so they are easy to upload.
  • If you cannot obtain an electronic copy of your transcript or dont have access to a scanner for paper copy, you may mail it to us, but please include your scholarship log-in and password so we may upload it.  
  • If you cannot scan your parent / guardian release form, you may mail it to us, but please include your scholarship log-in and password so we may upload It.

For questions concerning scholarships, contact InVEST at or 1.800.221.7917.