Jobs and Internships

The Insurance Career Center hosts numerous opportunities for internships and entry level employment for those looking to start their insurance career.

Entry Level Jobs

The Insurance Career Center boasts numerous entry level jobs which are geared toward recent graduates interested in pursuing an insurance career but may not have much experience in the particular role. Entry level jobs usually offer great mentorship opportunities to develop a great foundation to spring board your career in the insurance industry.

Benefits of Internships

By participating in an internship, you can enhance the skills you are developing through your academic studies and gain valuable first-hand experience which makes you even more marketable for positions.

Types of Internships

  • Internships for Credit: Some internships can offer course credit. Check with your college or university for details and be sure your employer is willing to abide by the guidelines provided by your institution to receive course credit.
  • Paid and Unpaid Internships: Some internships offer an hourly pay or stipend to compensate for your time at their company. If your internship is unpaid, inquire if there is any additional costs the company can cover, like public transportation and lunches.

Internship Duration

Internships generally are a one-time experience for the student. They last anywhere from a month to a year, and the typical college internship lasts one semester or a summer.  High school internships may last a school year or summer.  

The Insurance Career Center has internships and entry level positions to get you started.  You can post your resume and even set up a job alert so you receive an automatic email when your "dream job" becomes available.  Below are some current opportunities:

Available Jobs and Internships