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Jul 09
Katherine Leyonmark

Bob Baxter Honorary Scholarship Recipient

Hamburg High School, NY

The Invest program has inspired me to consider a career in the insurance industry. Several speakers explained that as an aging workforce retires, more job opportunities are becoming available for my generation. It’s also interesting to know that although the industry has been male-centric in the past, many opportunities will be open for women in the future. Ambition is the key to reaching your career goals.

While serving as president of the Academy of Finance at my school this past year, I was introduced to Invest – where I learned everything from basic financial knowledge to how to dress professionally and market myself. My volunteer work with several non-profit organizations and my participation in student government also served as great learning experiences.

The Invest scholarship will be of great assistance in my educational endeavors. It definitely helped make the college entrance process so much easier for me.


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