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Aug 31
Melanie Keusch

2017 InVEST Scholarship Recipient

Olivet College, MI

Melanie’s father was a captive agent, and is now an independent agent, and some of her other relatives are also part of the insurance world. So she decided to take the InVEST class with one of her favorite teachers. “I realized that insurance doesn’t have to be boring,” she admitted, “so I chose to go to college and explore the world of insurance.”

A year later, Melanie is happy with her choice and has made some “amazing connections in the industry that prove to me that I do belong in this field. I’m also learning how to help people in their time of need.”

Melanie interned with the Department of Insurance and Financial Services and joined Gamma Iota Sigma, her college’s insurance fraternity.

Besides being a member of the Global Citizens Honors Program at school and maintaining high grades, she says “it’s quite the task juggling two jobs, an internship, and 16 credit hours, but I’m extremely motivated and looking to make the most of all my opportunities.”

Melanie is hoping for a challenging position in insurance on either the government or corporate side. “I think it would be exhilarating to become a lobbyist for the insurance industry,” she admits. “A government job might be a perfect fit for me.” And she believes InVEST supplied her inspiration.


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