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Jan 26
Lorrie Partridge

What’s the greatest benefit to volunteering in the Invest classroom?

It's a blessing to give insight about insurance to the future consumers of our community. As a volunteer, I get to educate students on the importance and value of insurance and share positive information about the Insurance Industry and our products. This is paramount for perpetuation of a wonderful industry for generations to come.

Tell us about a time you really made a difference with an Invest student.

I believe that I have planted tiny seeds of insurance knowledge in many young people that I have had the honor of teaching. I am confident my passion for our great industry will make their overall thoughts about Insurance more affirmative.

You hired an Invest graduate; can you share that story?

We hired a summer intern from the Invest program to clean-up some policy coverage form issues that occurred in our agency management system change. She did an excellent job and was extremely proficient at learning the system.

It made me realize that many people in our industry have “misplaced fears” about bringing in “young, new hires” due to the learning curve of various insurance coverages. Invest grads are interested and excited to learn and they embrace technology. It has a positive effect on your entire experienced staff.


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