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Jan 26
Beth Needham

Volunteer positions: Invest Volunteer, Board Member: New Hampshire Association of Insurance Agency, Front Door Agency, Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce

What’s the greatest benefit of volunteering in the Invest classroom?

It reminds us why we are in the insurance business. When you explain to students why insurance is important and the role it plays in people’s lives – you remember the big picture. We all get so busy in our daily activities -- and it’s not always fun for us or the client. It’s important to step back and look at it from a broader perspective.

Tell us about a time you really made a difference in the life of an Invest student.

We hired an intern who became a full-time employee. We gave her the opportunity to build a career that she can take anywhere. She had never thought of insurance and is now learning so much – from both the area to specialize in and from a geographic perspective. She can earn a great living, make a difference for her clients and continue her education.

Have you hired an Invest graduate, and if so, can you share that story?

Liz worked with us as an intern during her senior year in high school – helping us in so many different areas.  When she graduated, we offered her a full-time job. She's bright, energetic and has a great future ahead of her. We now have a fabulous employee who would not be here if it wasn’t for Invest.


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