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Jan 26
Claudia Hernandez

Woodrow Wilson High School, TX 

How did Invest help prepare you for college and your career?

Invest introduced me to the insurance industry and all the different careers available. This fantastic program gave me several opportunities, including a paid internship at Bibby Brilling & Associates. It started as a summer internship and turned into a part-time job during my senior year in high school.

Working at the agency taught me a lot about insurance and gave me a feel for an office environment. I acquired many skills that will be put to good use in college and my future career as an insurance producer. Having the opportunity to work for an insurance agency at a young age ignited my passion for insurance, and I have a better advantage starting out. And several role models gave me expert advice for my future.

Do you think you'll choose a career in insurance because of Invest, if so please explain your decision.

I will definitely choose a career in insurance because of Invest. The program introduced me to the industry and opened the door to my career path. In fact, because of Invest , I decided to enroll at the University of North Texas to continue studying insurance, instead of entering the military.

What’s the most surprising think you learned about insurance in your Invest class?

I learned how essential insurance is. No one can function without it. Assets will always need to be insured. Knowing that insurance is there to restore you from a loss is such a comfort. I never thought about the importance of insurance until taking this class. I'm also surprised that many people in the industry did not originally start out pursuing a career in insurance. I’m getting a head start towards a brighter future.


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