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May 03
Jessica Scudieri, Invest Grad & Events Manager

Jessica Scudieri 2.png 
I attended an Academy of Finance class in my Junior year at East Hartford High School, CT and found an internship at Travelers doing office work and helpng to organize the Greater Hartford Golf Open.

Then I took an Invest class in Senior year and was invited back in June to work at Travelers' Agency Marketing department for a good hourly wage to work on events planning.

Graduating from college, I was offered a full-time job at Travelers in Event Management, where I was able to work my way up to a VP positionWe interact with agencies and facilitate all types of industry meetings. I work on budget, registration, logistics, interact with attendees, and even organize virtual programs during the pandemic. The best thing about my job is traveling and meeting people.

Looking back, I learned all the basics in my Invest class. It was a great starting point and taught me all about the agency side of the business.

I would tell today's Invest students to find an internship and network with lots of people. There are so many different jobs you can pursue in insurance. Learn what you might like to do and gain some practical experience along the way.


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