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Feb 13
Matthew Clegg, Invest Grad & Account Exec


My two older brothers took the Invest class and recommended I sign up. It gave me a good introduction to the world of insurance and the different types of policies that exist. Our field trip to an insurance agency finally sparked my interest to pursue a career in this field.

I graduated from college with an Economics degree and was invited to join National Risk Solutions to start as an Account Executive (AE)’s assistant. After working with two different teams during my first year, I had an opportunity to become an AE / Broker in training and I was excited to start building my own book of business. It was a great learning experience and the Invest class definitely gave me a good solid base to go down this path.

As a broker, I deal with a ton of independent agents across the state of Florida – and I mainly work on homeowners’ personal articles and condos. My biggest challenge is making sure that the agent and client are both happy with the product they receive from me – and that the insured is being well served.

In the future, my goal is to use my knowledge in personal lines and the E&S (Excess & Surplus) market to work on the carrier side of the business doing underwriting. I'd like to focus on risk analytics rather than sales (how a risk should be rated, protection devices, etc.). I think a carrier underwriter role would give me a steady career path and the kind of challenges I'm seeking.

The pandemic showed me that life changes quickly, but insurance can offer you a secure future.

I would tell current Invest students to pay close attention to all the different service policies, like auto. Learn how people shop for insurance and find the best rates.

Honestly, this career isn't exciting all the time – but four out of five days of the work week can present you with new challenges where you need to use critical thinking to solve problems.

There are so many opportunities in this business, like marketing and technology. You'll certainly keep busy.


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