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Jun 18
Alexis Schneider

Vertafore Scholarship Winner*

Dryden High School, NY

In the Summer of 2008, I visited my cousin at Dryden Mutual where he worked and I got to see all the different departments there. When we reached the interns’ area, he suggested that I might like to work there in the future. He also shared some interesting stories about working there and seemed to really like his job.

Soon after, my older sister took an Invest class and started as a part time intern in the mailroom at Dryden Mutual. So that’s where my interest in insurance and business began – and in my junior year of high school, I took my own Invest class. By then, I was hooked on insurance and joined the Business & Marketing Honor Society and eventually became president of our 'Future Business Leaders of America' chapter.

During my Invest program, I met several insurance professionals and learned a lot about how the industry works. And thanks to Invest, I was inspired to start my own internship at Dryden Mutual – starting in the mailroom and cross-training in marketing and customer service.

In my senior year, I became a class leader in an Invest and Risk Management program – hosting guest speakers, attending I-Day and participating in field trips. The advanced Invest class introduced me to new topics and the Claims Manager from (who taught the class) inspired me to pursue an insurance career.

I will be attending community college to major in business administration, while continuing to work part-time at Dryden Mutual. Then it’s on to a full-time job in insurance.

* This scholarship is provided by Vertafore, a developer and provider of cloud-based software and services for the insurance industry worldwide.

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