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Invest brings insurance to the classroom — introducing students to insurance and careers in the industry. Because of the generous support of agencies, companies, non-profits and other organizations, we are able to provide resources to teachers for free. Registered teachers have access to textbooks, industry software, lesson plans, presentations, games and a new e-textbook.   

The benefits of Invest are far reaching. Students gain knowledge about insurance, risk management, and financial services. Teachers get the support they need to offer insurance classes centered in the real world. And our volunteers help to educate future insurance consumers, attract potential employees, promote their business, and provide valuable services to the communities where they live and work.

Invest is making a difference:

  • Invest has more than 895 programs in schools across the country.
  • We have reached 30,000 students in 46 states — future recruits for insurance companies and insurance agencies.
  • In 2020, we presented $29,500 in scholarships to 22 students.
  • Program growth has doubled in the last five years.

Generous contributions serve young people and teachers through Invest :

  • Provides a free insurance curriculum, as well as instructional guides on implementing InVest at the high school and college level.
  • Strengthens relationships with educators and state education departments to encourage them to implement insurance into their own curriculum.
  • Builds awareness in the industry encouraging more volunteers to guest speak in classrooms.
  • Helps to create effective internship programs working with schools on workforce development.
  • Helps students find colleges in U.S. with risk management or insurance majors.  
  • Continues to improve Invest resources both online and print used by educators, students and industry liaisons.

We can’t do this without your help!

Help us continue to fulfill our mission to improve insurance literacy of students and attract new talent to the industry. Invest’s spirit comes from our hundreds of industry volunteers, teachers, and graduates. Our strength comes from donors like you who support this amazing program both financially and through volunteer efforts.

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Invest is a non-profit organization supported by financial contributions from insurance companies, foundations, insurance professionals and other organizations. We rely solely on tax-deductible contributions.

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You can DONATE ONLINE or mail your contribution to:

  127 S. Peyton St.
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Simply log in with your Amazon ID and select Invest from the pull-down menu as your Charity. Amazon will donate to InVest after you complete any purchase.

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