Invest Graduates

  • Alexis Schneider

    "My older sister took the Invest class and works for an insurance company, along with my cousin, so I followed their lead and Invest confirmed my future in the industry."
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  • Michael Skora

    "Because of Invest, I now have a definite career path — and I plan to help as many people as I can on an international level."
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  • Katherine Leyonmark

    "The Invest program has inspired me to pursue a career in the insurance industry and my scholarship will be of great assistance in my educational endeavors."
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  • Nishka Ahuja

    A 2018 InVEST scholarship winner, Nishka plans to study business in college — with a focus on data science and statistics. She is very interested in an career as an actuary.
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  • Meet Hannah: 2012 Invest Grad

    Invest was my first exposure to the insurance industry, and it was a critical stepping stone for my career development.
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  • Meet Kelsie: 2012 Invest Scholarship Winner

    “I was never really interested in insurance as a teenager," Kelsie admits. “I just knew it was something everyone should have."
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  • Alicia Roskwitalski

    Describing the InVEST program as "a great starting point" for her career, Alicia is now enjoying a successful career in finance and asset management.
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  • Samantha Park

    Samantha's favorite business class in high school turned out to be InVEST. Now she's an Agent Development Manager in upstate New York – a title she earned after several years of hard work at an insurance agency there.
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  • Michelle Dajczak

    Even with a busy schedule, Michelle decided to get involved with the InVEST program after accepting an internship at Travelers. She became the first student at her high school to take the courses as an independent study – with encouragement from her InVEST teacher and her manager at work. Subsequently, she became a 2017 InVEST scholarship winner.
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  • Robert Tromberg

    A 2017 Invest scholarship winner, Robert is pursuing an undergraduate degree at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. "The InVEST program inspired me to continue learning about insurance and explore opportunities in the industry."
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  • Braylon Stroud

    Describing the InVEST program as “an extremely positive experience,” Braylon is now looking to major in either risk management or another related field in insurance.
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  • Melanie Keusch

    Melanie’s father and several of her relatives are insurance professionals — so she decided to take the InVEST class. “I realized insurance doesn’t have to be boring,” she admitted, “and I chose to go to college and pursue that industry.”
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  • Randy Wentworth

    Randy was inspired by InVEST, a non-profit IIABA program that provides insurance education and career awareness to high school and college students. Over 20 years later, he continues to successfully pursue his passion for the insurance business.
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  • Danielle Vinciguerra

    Danielle enrolled in InVEST because she heard how “awesome” it was from graduates who had already gone through the program. And what she gained through InVEST has paid off. After finishing her first year of college, Danielle was already working at an insurance agency she visited during an InVEST field trip.
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  • Claudia Hernandez

    Being part of the InVEST program, Claudia found a job - first as a summer intern and then as a part-time worker. She then enrolled at the University of North Texas to continue studying insurance.
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  • Amy Bonilla Torres

    InVEST taught Amy the importance of being an informed decision maker and a contributing member of my community. The program also showed her the importance of building business relationships and being willing to take risks. And InVEST influenced her career choices in college.
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  • Nicole Majewski

    Nicole works at an agency and also volunteers in the classroom. She enjoys working with the younger generation. It's tough to learn about the industry until you're actually in it working, and that's where InVEST comes in. She always makes it a point to tell students that the opportunities in insurance are endless.
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