Scott Davis

  • Owner, Williams & Associates Insurance
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 200xscott-davis

Volunteer experience / involvement:  President of the National African American Insurance Association of Indiana. He also volunteers with the Boy Scouts of America, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Ben Davis High School, and his local church.

What’s the greatest benefit to your agency having volunteers in the InVEST classroom?

Being an advocate for change in the lives of students who need encouragement and exposure to the professional resources that are available through InVEST. On Presidents Day, we hosted an InVEST workshop with NAAIA of Indiana at Warren Central High School in Indianapolis and met with 160 students.

There's so much work to do to help our young people prepare for life after high school. The good news is InVEST allows us to get in front of these students to have “real talk”, the kind of discussion that should take place at home about their future. InVEST emphasizes that we all have a vital role to play in the lives of others. The proverb says, "It takes a village to raise a child". That resonates with me because I'm a product of an environment where I can look back favorably on my life and say I owe my parents, neighbors, peer group, coaches and friends for the encouragement.

Too many students don't have this kind of support and  are left to make the big decisions on their own that will have life-long consequences. With these type of odds to contend with, we can't be surprised that so few are planning to attend college.

What I suggest during workshops is for each student to take an inventory of their lives, realizing everyone has a talent.

We challenge students to look beyond these circumstances and reach out to that fellow student who sits next to them each day, making sure they do their part in supporting that student in reaching his or her fullest potential. 

I want to tell more students about the benefits of investing in one another. The insurance industry is a wonderful career choice, but without the proper preparation, none of this can be realized. That's why we need InVEST.