Meet Hannah: 2012 InVEST Grad

  • hannah-reiss2

Project InVEST was my first exposure to the insurance industry, and it was a critical stepping stone for my career development.

If students are unsure of what industry they want to pursue, my suggestion is to keep an open mind about insurance because it is a stable industry with relatively small barriers to entry and has professional career paths with significant growth potential.

At the Academy of Finance at Boone High School in Orlando, Lorrie Partridge from Blackadar Insurance taught my InVEST class the basics of insurance and showed us the different opportunities in the industry. It was an interactive and engaging program that introduced us to rating factors and real-time quotes and helped us prepare resumes and cover letters for mock interviews. Although I was unsure of what profession I wanted to pursue at the time, InVEST helped me become an informed consumer.

At Florida State University, I enjoyed studying math, statistics and business – which led me to pursue a double major in finance and actuarial science. During my senior year, I saw a job posting through FSU’s career website for a Risk Analyst at American Integrity Insurance. They were looking for someone with a background in actuarial science, and one of the primary responsibilities involved running computer models that estimate the probability of exceeding a certain loss from a catastrophic event. American’s focus is homeowners' insurance in Florida, where hurricanes are a major risk  –  and this position was a great fit because I could apply my studies and dig deep into risk analysis.

My favorite part of the job is that it's project-oriented, and each assignment is different from the last. Part of my work is accounting for different building characteristics like construction and roof type because they have different vulnerabilities in the event of a hurricane.

No matter what occupation high school students decide to pursue, everyone will eventually need to buy insurance. And InVEST provides a great service by bringing insurance into the classroom, developing educated consumers, and promoting financial literacy. I am extremely grateful for InVEST, and I believe this terrific program will continue to inspire and educate many generations to come.