Nicole Majewski

  • InVEST Graduate | Commercial Lines CSR, Brown & Brown of NY
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West Seneca West Senior High School

How did InVEST help prepare you for college?

InVEST and my business classes taught me how business is conducted in the real world. In high school and college, students are taught from textbooks. It's very difficult to learn about what an industry is really like until you're actually in a job in the field, and I think this is what InVEST does so well. It introduces you to insurance and gives you a peek at what it's really like. With college costs being so high these days, it's vital to learn everything you can about the industry you're thinking of choosing for a career.

Did you chose a career in insurance because of InVEST?

Yes. My writing skills transferred over very nicely to insurance. Nowadays, I know from teaching the classes myself that there is so much more support available. There are scholarships, mentoring and internship opportunities. When I teach, I try to get their attention and the students to really consider insurance. In every class, I make it a point to tell the students that the opportunities are endless in insurance.  I tell them they can specialize in almost any field, and it will transfer over nicely to insurance. I know this from my journalism background.

What's the most surprising thing you learned about insurance in your InVEST class?

That insurance is not as intimidating as it seems. It's pretty sophisticated, but it's not impossible to learn.

What's the greatest benefit of volunteering in the InVEST classroom?

I'm not an agency head, but I can say that working with the younger generation and meeting them in class helps us get to know them better.  You get to see the "new generation" in action... how they act and what motivates them. So many companies today are unfamiliar with the "Millennial" workforce.