Insurance Agent or Producer

What makes a great producer or agent?

  • Excellent social and communication skills
  • Enjoys working with others
  • High energy and motivated
  • Passionate about helping others protect what’s important to them        

An insurance agent, or producer, is a sales and marketing role within an insurance agency.  Ever been called a “people-person?” Agents are just that, working directly with clients to provide counsel and advice when purchasing insurance. With keen sales skills, agents understand how to market, message and position products to make a sale. They also understand the various exposures of the client and match them with the corresponding insurance coverage options. If a hurricane damages an insured client’s home, an agent will help them recover their losses during the claims process. An agent must have a strong motivation to succeed, as most agent compensation is based on a commission structure.

In addition, agents have the opportunity to find their niche market, allowing them to make their passion a career.   

And not surprisingly, being an insurance agent ranks #7 on the list of 25 best business jobs for 2015 (via @PropertyCasualty360).  


High school degree a must, Associate or Bachelor’s degree may also be required. Agents must obtain a license according to state regulation and keep up to date with required continuing education credits.


Based on U.S. Department of Labor the average insurance agent makes over $63,000 annually.  Of course this varies by where you live, your work experience and how much passion you bring to your job!


Courtesy of MI Future  

Insurance Carrier Marketing Representative

What makes a great marketing rep?

  • Superior sales and marketing knowledge
  • Strong communication and relationship building skills
  • Creative thinking and planning  skills to help build new business
  • Able to resolve conflicts quickly and strategically

In insurance, there are two different types of organizations. A company, often called a carrier, provides the insurance product to the agency. The agency, often a local business, sells the insurance product to clients. A marketing representative is hired by the company as the key communicator between the company and the agency. On any given day a marketing rep may find new agents to sell their product, educate agents on their insurance products and help the insurance carrier write profitable insurance risks. This position requires travel to meet with agents. The marketing rep will also prepare reports on production goals and provide the carrier feedback from agents.  Some perks are company cars and expense accounts to entertain agents while visiting them.


High school degree a must, Associate or Bachelor’s degree may also be required.