Insurance in Real Life

Wherever your path leads you after graduation, insurance will be part of your life.

How Insurance Works

Insurance can help you pay for damage to your property or to pay others on your behalf when you injure someone or damage their property.

Law of Large Numbers

Insurance companies use the 'law of large numbers' to estimate the losses a certain group of insureds may have in the future.

Managing Risk

Risk exists whenever there is uncertainty about outcome. Facing risks is part of life, and it is the basic problem insurance addresses. 

How It Applies To You


Buying Your First Car

Is your name on the car title? If so, your name needs to be on the insurance policy, too.


Getting Your First Job

When you get a job offer, don't just consider the salary. Ask about insurance and benefits.



Renting a car during your semester abroad? Your U.S. based auto insurance doesn't apply.


Moving Out

You and your new roommate can share everything---except a renter's insurance policy.


Start a Business

Cyber liability coverage can help protect your new venture against hackers.


College Bound

Your parents' homeowners policy might not protect your property in the dorm.