Personaility TEST

What Insurance Career is Right for You?

Whatever your passion, insurance has the career path for you. So many different jobs make this $2 trillion industry tick — there is a fit for nearly every personality. Want to love your career? Find a fit in insurance.  

Take the Caliper personality profile to find the insurance industry job that’s right for you. The assessment will match your strengths and passion and suggest matching career paths. Only high school or college students residing in the U.S. may take the profile.
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Tips for Taking the Caliper Profile

  • You need at least 30 minutes to complete the assessment. Do not start the profile and quit before finishing. Your answers will not be saved.
  • Go to a quiet location where you won’t be disturbed or distracted.
  • Be prepared to give your full name and email address so you can see your results. The results may take up to 48 hours to be calculated.
  • Read the instructions thoroughly and answer all questions.

By completing this profile, you agree you have authorized Caliper to release your results to InVEST and to employers that it feels are appropriate. You also authorize Caliper to utilize and retain these scores as part of their research activities both for this program as well as any other research that it may undertake and agree to authorize Caliper to use these scores to provide additional products and services to an employer that is interested in hiring you, but wishes a more in-depth analysis. All data and reports are the property of Caliper.

Caliper reserves the right to share the results of your assessments with others.

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