Invest strives to make our curriculum:
  • fun and interesting for students
  • easy and seamless for teachers and volunteers to implement.

Numerous presentations and games were created that directly relate to the lesson plans and textbook chapters.

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Kick Off Day: Introduction to Invest

You can use this PowerPoint on the first day to give your students a quick overview of the Invest program.

Quick Intro. to Invest


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Scholarship Information 

This presentation provides information on the Invest scholarship process and tips and tricks to submit a winning entry.

Scholarship Process

Teen Driving Statistics

Volunteers can use this when visiting classrooms to discuss teen driving issues. Here is a corresponding PowerPoint:

National Teen Driving Statistics

Teen Driving Issues

This PowerPoint will help students understand current issues regarding teen driving including recent statistics and facts. There's also a separate document to help with speaking points.

Teen Driving Issues