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Agency Management Certification

Provided by Applied Systems

InVEST is piloting an Agency Management ( computer) System Certification program.  This is a great supplement to the Office Simulation Program.  This software will teach students how to establish customer profiles and manage data.  They would receive a certificate demonstrating their proficiency and could apply for the Classroom to Career Scholarship to obtain their agents license.  A student seeking a job in an agency presenting this certification would have an employment advantage over a candidate without these credentials. 

InVEST programs looking to implement the InVEST Agency Management Certification must meet certain criteria to ensure the teacher is familiar enough with InVEST and the insurance industry to effectively execute this detailed program.


  1. Taught InVEST for at least three years.
  2. Have implemented the simulation portion of InVEST, utilizing the Personal Lines Rating software and ACORD insurance application forms.
  3. Works with reliable and consistent insurance professionals as classroom volunteers.
  4. Teacher familiar with Microsoft Office products.
  5. Have one full semester to commit to the InVEST Program (six weeks InVEST, eight weeks InVEST Agency Management Certification).
  6. Must be able to sign the Applied partnership agreement

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