What is Invest?

Invest, a school-to-work insurance program, teams with high school and college educators to provide a useful insurance curriculum for students. With the help of Invest liaisons (insurance professionals), students could have the opportunity for job shadow days, internships or even careers after graduating from Invest.

Guest speakers during an Invest class provide firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to work in the insurance field, and students have a new appreciation for the industry after a hearing a professional speak . And, before you’ve even entered the room they already are excited to have someone other than their teacher speaking to them!
In addition, Invest provides all the materials needed to speak in a classroom for you. PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, discussion questions and more. Investmakes it easy and seamless to enter a classroom and impact the next generation of insurance professionals. Topics can include rating, claims, what to look for in a policy, how you have succeeded in the industry or even explaining specific insurance roles, like investigations and fraud.
With over 60% of our industry retiring in the next seven years, we need to act fast to recruit those voted “Most Likely to Succeed” in the senior superlatives. We can only attract the brightest by intriguing them to enter the industry before they even consider a career path. Invest can help.