Career Day Flyers and Information

New tools for promoting and discussing insurance careers

If you plan on attending a career fair, or visiting an InVEST school to discuss insurance careers, be sure to utilize InVEST’s free resources specifically for promoting insurance careers.

Caliper Personality Profile Test: Have students take the free personality profile on the InVEST student center which provides them with their best insurance career fit based on the outcome of their assessment. The 30-minute personality test is a shorter version of the full Caliper test and provides the insurance career best suited for the student based on their strengths and weaknesses as determined at the completion of the exam.

Insurance Career Information: Point students to the InVEST student center to find out more about different careers in insurance, median salaries, information on education or licensing needed and even job postings

Presentations: Visit InVEST Resource area to obtain a PowerPoint presentation for career days

Flyers: Contact InVEST staff at  for free flyers about insurance careers to distribute to students.

You can find all this information and more by visiting InVEST