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    by Deborah Pickford | Sep 13, 2018
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  • Invest Student Interns at Independent Agents of Dallas

    by Deborah Pickford | Jun 30, 2016

    The summer is a great time for internships, and we were excited for Invest high-school interns everywhere. One of our goals is to help prepare students for the insurance industry by helping to provide quality experiences through internships. Invest internships help students figure out their passions and skills for the insurance industry before college even begins.

    Internships provide hands-on learning opportunities and a competitive edge in the job market and even helps insurance agencies and insurance companies learn more about the talented students that they may wish to hire in the future.

    esm. 1One such talented student, Esmeralda Miguel, from Woodrow Wilson High School (WWHS) in Dallas, is interning with Independent Agents of Dallas (IIAD). Esmeralda came to IIAD as part of the Mayors Internship Fellow Program (MIFP) and with help from her teacher, Denise Tucker.

    Esmeralda said the Invest classroom helped prepare her for this internship by providing her with knowledge of what insurance is and giving her a pathway into the industry. In the classroom, students had to complete a project on financial literacy and her group felt prepared and selected insurance as their industry due to their increased knowledge about the varying types of coverage thanks to Invest materials.

    This internship with IIAD has given her chances to apply her previous knowledge while gaining more experience. She writes, “During my time here at IIAD I have learned many things about non-profit businesses. I have learned to become more confident in myself, I have communicated with so many important people this past two weeks and really have improved my weaknesses during this internship.” Overall, Esmeralda will spend 20 hours a week for two months at IIAD.esmeralda

    Esmeralda is already learning and engaging with IIAD. Currently, she is working with “Project Intern” with several other WWHS Interns where she will interview the other interns and discuss how WWHS prepared them for the internship and their current work projects.

    When the summer concludes, she will enter her senior year at WWHS and is looking forward to many college applications. During that time she will be working part time at a local restaurant. As for her college major and future career, she is debating between the insurance industry or the medical field and hopes this summer with IIAD will help her make that decision.