Scholarships & Awards

InVEST has several scholarship and award programs for your students.


The InVEST Scholarship Program has four different scholarships for students looking to enter the insurance industry either through further education or jumping right into a career after graduation. In 2016, $73,500 was awarded to InVEST graduates pursuing insurance careers or related studies. Learn more about the scholarship opportunities by visiting the scholarship page within the student section. 
To encourage students to apply for the scholarship, consider having them create the 500 word essay as a class assignment. The essay should detail what they gained from the InVEST program, why they would like to enter an insurance career path and mention their extracurricular activities. In addition to the essay, students must submit two letters of recommendation (with one recommended from their InVEST teacher or volunteer, if possible), their current transcript and a completed application. There is a PowerPoint located in the Presentations page of the teacher resource area to assist you in discussing the process to your students. You may also request handouts for your students to take home by emailing
For more information on the scholarship program, check the scholarship page under student section of the website or email Staff is also available to discuss the application process with you or students to ensure top quality packages are submitted.

Student Video Contest

As part of an effort to boost insurance knowledge during April Financial Literacy Month, InVEST will be launching a video contest.  An InVEST classroom simply needs to send their video, no longer than three minutes in length, about interesting facts about different types of insurance to InVEST between March 1, 2016 and March 22, 2016. For more information, visit the Video Contest page. 

Teacher of the Year Award

The Gary Preston InVEST Teacher of the Year award acknowledges an InVEST teacher who has made substantial contributions to his or her InVEST students. These individuals are often nominated by agent liaisons, state/local agents’ associations or students. For more information on how to nominate a deserving teacher, visit the Teacher of the Year page.

Dach (Volunteer of the Year) Award

Is your InVEST industry liaison the tops, worthy of praise and recognition? Then we want to remind you of an award that is a great way to show your appreciation for their efforts in the classroom. The Dach Award is bestowed upon InVEST industry liaisons dedicated to their InVEST students. Learn more about how to nominate your classroom volunteer by visiting the Dach Award page.