Amy Bonilla Torres, William R. Boone High School, Orlando Fl

  • InVEST Graduate
  • Intern, Blackadar Insurance Agency
  • Longwood, Florida
  • 200xamy-bonilla-torres

How did InVEST help prepare you for college and your career?

InVEST taught me the importance of being an informed decision maker and a contributing member of my community. The program also taught me of the importance of building business relationships and being willing to take risks.

The InVEST team at my school is a tight knit community that it supported my aspirations and I felt like I had a family that supported me emotionally, professionally and financially--through multiple scholarships--as I began my journey onto college.

To top it off, I was blessed with a wonderful mentor, Lorrie Partridge, who has supported me in every facet of my life and become like a mother and best friend, supporting me through all my dreams and even helping me surpass my limits. InVEST furthermore allowed me to narrow down my career choices as I entered college and especially now that I took the opportunity to study abroad in France. 

Do you think you'll choose a career in insurance because of InVEST?  If so please explain your decision.

Insurance is definitely a possible career choice. InVEST taught me that I can make a career out of helping others. The possibility of being able to work in the financial sector while helping protect my community is definitely appealing to me. InVEST was a wonderful experience offering exposure to such a critical part of adult life.  I want to make a difference in other's lives and a career in insurance will  afford me that opportunity.

What’s the most surprising thing you learned about insurance in your InVEST class?

The most surprising thing I learned in class were the differences in limits on a policy and how much the age of a driver and driver's history affects the premium. I also was surprised at how crucial it is to have insurance when you are leasing a vehicle and loved learning about all the discounts! I definitely have an advantage now that I'm leasing a car!