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Help us continue to spread the word about InVEST among industry professionals, so even more volunteers get involved and reach more students. InVEST has articles for your company's publications, brochures, ads and other resources to make it easy to share the InVEST story with your peers. Let’s bust the myth that insurance is  boring—one volunteer and one classroom at a time!

Incorporate these resources into your marketing and communications plan. Below are some tips but make sure you visit the resource page for dropin articles, InVEST logo and both digital and print ads! 
  • Make sure you are following InVEST’facebook and twitter page.
  • We’ve provided suggested social posts for you below. Feel free to craft your own posts, modify ours, or share something from our social spaces.
  • Post at least twice a week to show your support. Be sure to mention InVEST on Facebook  @nationalInVEST and twitter @NationalInVEST. It’s important to have a mix of content in your social spaces, so feel free to space your InVEST posts out. And, if you want to post more than two—that’s great! Thank you!
  • Please use our hashtag when you chat about InVEST online, please use #InVESTAwareness

 Social posts

  • Simple copy and paste:

Did you know @nationalInVEST gives volunteers an opportunity to meet future recruits? That’s why we volunteer for InVEST! 

When students learn about insurance at a young agent, they become smart insurance shoppers. That’s why we volunteer for  @nationalInVEST!

There are so many ways to support @nationalInVEST. Choose your way today!

Are you aware @nationalInVEST has been connecting students to insurance careers for more than 45 years? That’s why we support InVEST

Twitter version: We support @NationalInVEST because it has been connecting students to insurance careers for more than 45 years!

Did you know @nationalInVEST provides textbooks, ebooks and lesson plans to teachers and volunteers for free? That’s why we donate to InVEST!

 Twitter version: We donate @nationalInVEST because they provide free textbooks, ebooks and lesson plans to teachers and volunteers. #insuranceeducation

Insurance is tough to learn, but @nationalInVEST makes it easy for students to understand insurance. That’s why we give to InVEST! Donate today. #insuranceeducation

Twitter version: We donate to @NationalInVEST makes it easy for students in to understand insurance. #insuranceeducation Donate today: 


  • Create your own post. 

We volunteer for @nationalINVEST because

a. Meeting future insurance recruits is important.
b. Connecting with our community in the classroom is smart business.
c. Introducing the young people to insurance is important to our industry.
d. Teaching students the value of @TrustedChoice agents is smart business.

We support @nationalINVEST by

a. making a donation.
b. Volunteering in the classroom.
c. Hosting job shadow days.
d. Attending career fairs
e. Donating to the silent auction.
f. .Promoting Invest in the industry.

We  promote InVEST because  

a. we want to attract the best talent to the insurance industry. 
b. we want to hire the most talented young professionals.
c. we want young people to understand the importance of insurance.

Ex: Trusted Choice promotes InVEST because we want to attract the best talent to the insurance industry.  

To encourage others to follow your lead:  Post an “Unselfie”  picture of yourself to the InVEST facebook page with a sign saying “I donate to InVEST because _______”. #InVESTAwareness 

We donate to @nationalINVEST because

a. It provides free insurance education in more than 600 schools each year. #insuranceeducation. Donate today: 
b. It introduces students to insurance careers. #InVESTAwareness Donate today: 
c. It encourages students to consider insurance careers. 
Donate today: 
d. It allows us to give back to the insurance industry and my community. Donate today: 


  • share a photo of a volunteer in the classroom or a graduate who is now working in your organization.
  •   share a photo of a volunteer in the classroom or a graduate who is now working in your organization. 
  • share a photo of a volunteer or graduate. Include a sentence or two about why they think InVEST is important to the insurance industry. 
  • share a photo of a volunteer, graduate or company decision maker. Include a statement about why they give to InVEST. Donate today: 




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