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Pages: Michael Charles Hilson
nGI: Michael Charles-Hilson
Vice President, GBG Inc.
This article appeared in Property Casualty 360 on August 05, 2013. Reposted with permission.
By Staff Writer, Property Casualty 360
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Years at company: 12 years
College: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Organizations: IIA of IL, NAAIA
What legislative issues are you interested in?
The National Assn. of Registered and Broker Agents Reform Act (NARAB). It's a wonderful idea that any licensed agent can have access to an independent non-profit corporation that provides non-resident licensing reciprocity. This legislation eliminates the long process of applying to each individual state and provides a solution to agents that would like to operate in multiple states.
What advice do you have for millennials struggling in a professional environment? I observe the millennial generation struggling with staying confident in a professional environment. The best part about being young is that you are not required to know everything during this time in your career. My advice is to stay confident that you belong in a professional environment and take extra steps when completing a task or learning a project. A young employee with passion and a hard work ethic will produce a positive outcome for your career.
What advice do you have when working with family?
To be candid, working with my family is the greatest challenge I face at my office but it is the most rewarding. It's not easy to live up to the expectations and demands that you will have to encounter every day. I know that by meeting those expectations I am a better insurance agent and have the opportunity to bring value to a relationship where I was the only party receiving the benefits. Enjoy the rare opportunity that you have to spend time with your family and making a living.
How can employers recruit young talent?
Employers can recruit young talent through InVEST. Our program teaches high school and college students about insurance in the classroom, provides internship opportunities, scholarships and future employment in our industry.
What are some of your career highlights?
One of my career highlights is speaking to Chicago’s Whitney Young High School about the InVEST program this year. I enjoy seeing the light turn on in students’ minds when they understand the potential of our industry. Another career highlight is when I won the Young Agent of the Year Award for 2011. It feels good to have the respect and appreciation of the industry.
What was the biggest challenge you faced as a young agent, and how did you handle it?
The biggest challenge I faced as a young agent was earning the respect from clients, which occurred after I took the time to learn my exposures and provide good service. I enjoy providing good recommendations and tailored service to my clients.