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Commercial Insurance Guide Now Available
Tool provides teachers and volunteers resources on commercial lines
InVEST created yet another innovative tool to provide options and flexibility to InVEST teachers and volunteers. The Commercial Insurance Guide highlights activities, textbook assignments, discussion questions and group assignments for students to discover what a commercial policy entails and how it’s calculated. Students can even use the Commercial Lines Rating Tool created by InVEST along with the Insurance Forms to key in information and rate a mock policy. If you are a registered InVEST supporter, you can login to the InVEST website at and find the Business Insurance- Risk Management Guide under Miscellaneous Classroom Materials within the Resource Section. (remember you need to log-in to view resources)
Looking to get involved locally? Check to see if there is already an InVEST program near you, or you can contact national InVEST staff at or 1-800-221-7917 to discuss working with a local school to establish a new InVEST program.
InVEST is constantly updating and fashioning new resources to keep up with current teaching trends and provide elite and efficient tools to its teachers and volunteers, and most importantly, educate young minds about insurance in the most creative and exciting way. Be sure to follow InVEST on facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep updated on these fresh tools.